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As the CEO of KIT Center, I am deeply committed to our shared vision: becoming your go-to choice for success in every venture. Our goal is to build and nurture trust with every client, providing innovative and dependable solutions. We’re not just committed to excellence; we’re passionate about going above and beyond, ensuring our products and services exceed what you’ve come to expect. At KIT Center, we see ourselves as more than a company – we’re your partners in success, every step of the way.

Muhamed Smajli

CEO and Founder

Experience Our Comprehensive Products and Services

Learning management system (LMS) platform

Explore Bubble, your new Learning Management System ally. Tailored to engage and inspire, Bubble transforms the learning experience into an interactive journey, adapting seamlessly to your unique educational needs and goals.


Student information management system

Meet SIMS: the ultimate University Management Platform. It simplifies complex tasks, streamlines administration, and enhances the educational experience. With SIMS, managing university operations becomes as straightforward as ABC.

Finance and accounting Software

Kubit: Your go-to solution for seamless database management. It’s like having a digital librarian organizing, securing, and optimizing your data. Experience hassle-free data handling like never before with Kubit.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our Business Intelligence service turns data into insights and insights into action. It’s more than just analytics; it’s about illuminating the path to smarter business decisions.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics service is your lens to clarity in a world of data. Uncover hidden patterns, market trends, and customer preferences, leading you to informed and impactful decisions.


In our Development service, creativity meets technology. We build not just applications but bridges to your business goals. Let’s create something exceptional together.

Explore our Intensive Trainings and Courses

Get certified on your field through our professional training programs and be the best version of yourself.

Industry-Certified Courses

Unlock new opportunities with our industry-certified courses. It’s not just about getting a certificate; it’s about opening doors to a world of possibilities.

Expert-Led Instruction

Dive into a world where knowledge meets experience. Our courses, led by seasoned industry experts, are your gateway to real insights and practical skills.

Professional Training

Take Your Career to New Heights with Our Professional Training. It’s more than learning; it’s about achieving your dreams and exceeding your own expectations.

Improvement starts when you take action.

Need to improve and increase your skills choose our program now and shine in today marketplace.



Master the Business World: Join our hands-on training programs designed for aspiring business leaders. We focus on practical strategies, real-world problem solving, and developing leadership qualities that stand out in today’s dynamic business landscape.



Architectural Wonders Start Here: Step into the world of architecture with our courses that blend creativity with practicality. Learn to design spaces that captivate and last, using sustainable practices and innovative design principles.



Tech Mastery Awaits: Our technology courses are a deep dive into the latest digital innovations. Get ready to explore and master new technologies, with a focus on practical applications that prepare you for the future of tech.

Don’t Take Our Word, See What Our Client Say

At KIT Cneter, we pride ourselves on taking exceptional care of our clients. Our passion drives us to go above and beyond, ensuring every need is not just met, but exceeded with excellence and dedication.



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Islam Hasani

University Director

I’ve been working with KIT Center for a while now, and I’ve got to say, they are top-notch professionals. They take their work seriously and it shows in the quality of the product they deliver. I’m really happy with what they’ve done for us. They’ve consistently met our expectations, and often exceeded them. It’s a relief to have a team that you can count on for excellent service.

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